The project

Startups with a focus on health, this is the goal of the MEDICAL Pitches held for the first time during the MEDICALTalks Live in September 2020 at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo. The MFB hybrid event presented several themes relevant to the healthcare sector and reserved a day
for “Health Tech” startup presentations.

The Chief Digital Officer of AstraZeneca Brasil, Bruno Pina; CEO &  Founder of Philo Care, Douglas Bettioli; Head of Screening of BR Angels, Fernando Danesi; Board Member & Investor of BR Angels ,José Loureiro; CEO of GO.K and founder of Covid Mission, Cristiano Kanashiro;
and the Director general of Medical Fair Brasil (MFB), Malu Sevieri.



After registration, ten finalists were selected to present their projects, in five minutes, to an evaluation committee, also composed of investors. Check out the list of the 2020 edition finalists.

  • 3Wings
  • Cor.Sync
  • DC More Lives
  • HiTalk
  • Sensonore
  • Suprevida
  • Teledoutor Angola
  • Vita Tecnologia para a Vida
  • Vivax Serviços EPP

Final Result

1º -

2º - Cor.Sync

3º - Vivax Serviços EPP

Appraisal Board

Bruno Pina

Chief Digital Officer
AstraZeneca Brasil

Douglas Betioli

CEO & Founder
Philo Care

Fernando M L Danesi

Head de Screening
BR Angels

José Loureiro

Board Member & Investor
BR Angels


CEO da GO.K e fundador da
Missão Covid

Malu Sevieri

Diretora Geral
Medical Fair Brasil
  •  +55 11 2365-4336

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • We are in São Paulo

  • Alameda dos Maracatins, 1217 - Conj. 701
  • Indianópolis - São Paulo - SP

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