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Brazil has cured more than 441,700 Coronavirus-infected patients

Brazil has cured more than 441,700 Coronavirus-infected patients

Latest data of recovered COVID-19 cases at 6:30 pm on Tuesday (June 16) provided by the Brazilian State Health Departments

On Tuesday (June 16), Brazil recorded 441,729 people recovered from coronavirus across the country, which represents 47.8% of the total number of cases currently confirmed (923,189). The data updated at 6:30 p.m. was provided by Brazilian State Health Departments.

The number of people recovered is increasing daily as a result of the Brazilian Government’s efforts to help states and municipalities prepare their health care structures and improve assistance for the population. The goal is to forge partnerships to strengthen the Unified Health System (SUS, Sistema de Saúde Único) with human resources (physicians and health care professionals), financial resources, provision of supplies, medication, pulmonary ventilators, diagnostic tests, and intensive care unit (ICU) beds dedicated for severe and very serious COVID-19 cases, ultimately improving the emergency response and assistance capacity. The aid also includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers from infections.

Since the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Health has transferred 48.8 billion Brazilian reais to states and municipalities to finance public health initiatives and services – BRL 9.5 billion exclusively for efforts against the coronavirus. 11.3 million units of medicines to help in treatment of disease were purchased and distributed across Brazil, in addition to 115.2 million items of PPE, 10.6 million diagnostic tests for COVID-19 and 79.9 million doses of influenza vaccine, which helps reduce cases of influenza and other respiratory syndromes amid coronavirus cases.

436,219 people are currently receiving medical treatment in Brazil. In the last 24 hours, 34,918 new cases of coronavirus were registered by the health agencies.

45,241 deaths have been confirmed so far. 1,282 fatalities were recorded in the last 24 hours through the official systems of the Federal Government, most of which occurred in other periods. Of this number, 472 deaths were confirmed in the past three days and another 4,047 cases are still under investigation.

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